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How Our Skilled Sash Window Repair London Based Specialists Can Help You

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The time may come when your sash window gets damaged beyond what you can effectively fix on your own. Whenever you need a professional, our sash window repair London service can help, and our skilled joiners and carpenters here at Environ Property Services are always ready to assist.

Sash windows are a common sight in period homes across the UK. They are undoubtedly a hallmark of traditional property styles. These handcrafted original timber works have a certain charm and elegance that makes their preservation important to many of our customers.

Replacing a damaged sash window is always an option. Still, due to the historical value and unique aesthetic of these pieces, repair is almost always the preferred solution. Windows with mould, rot, sticking, or warping issues do not need to be replaced. Our professionals can quickly and effectively repair all of these problems and more.

Our highly experienced sash window refurbishment London based team will carefully and completely restore your window’s form and functionality. Our team pays close attention to detail in our work, ensuring that no problem is left unresolved, no matter how small.


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Sash Window Repair

About Sash Windows

Sash windows work by sliding up and down with a simple but effective pulley and a counterweight mechanism. Some properly maintained sash windows have lasted for hundreds of years, so switching to more modern windows is certainly not necessary.

A well-functioning sash window moves very smoothly, and only needs a small amount of force to budge. There should also be no friction or rattle when it is used, and it will be completely airtight when closed.

If your sash window mechanism is showing any of these common signs of wear, then it has likely suffered from poor maintenance over the years. But don’t lose hope for your window just yet! Environ Property Services know precisely how to address any issue you may face.

Whatever the problem is, we promise that we will find the best sash window restoration London solution for your home.

Window repair for conservation areas

If you live in a conservation area, it is mandatory to obtain planning permission to replace your period timber sash window if it faces the street.

And even if you do obtain this permission, you are usually required to replace it with an approved period replica that has identical dimensions to the original.

Because of the very high cost of getting period replicas, for those living in conservation areas in London sash window repairs are by far the most cost-effective option.

As long as your window hasn’t been neglected to the point of being unsalvageable, our professionals can do an excellent repair job and return your window to its original state.

We plane and sand down misshapen and warped frames to return them to their normal appearance and functionality.  We will also carve out and seamlessly replace any decaying pieces of wood.

For mould-related problems, our company also provides other services that solve moisture issues in your property.

Sash Window Repair

Top repair specialists for traditional windows

It is a common misconception that modern windows, such as those made of PVC, are more durable than traditional sash windows; this cannot be further from the truth.

Many modern PVC windows begin to show wear and tear fairly quickly and need to be replaced regularly, while timber sash windows dating back to the Edwardian period are still in use to this day.

We believe that the secret to making traditional windows last is in proper maintenance and effective repair techniques, ensuring their working life for many more years.

We at Environ Property Services treat traditional building works like sash windows with the respect that they deserve, and we work hard to restore and preserve them to the highest standards.

In fact, our director Terry Clark is a member of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. Thanks to this, our workers are always up to date and fully trained on the best ways to restore, repair, and preserve old properties.

Need sash window repairs? Call us now!

If you need someone reliable to repair sash windows for you, our experts can come to your property and conduct a survey. We can inspect the condition of your windows, and inform you of other factors in your home that might affect their condition.

Our friendly team is more than happy to give you helpful advice for free, so don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 3875 8207. For written concerns, you may also fill out the form at


How much does it cost to repair a sash window?

The cost varies depending on the type of sash windows repair London you want to be done. External repairs for sills cost from £120 to £240 on average while having a rotted sash replaced will cost from around £150 to £275.

For an overhaul and draught-proofing, expect to pay £200 to £250 on average per window.

Can old sash windows be double-glazed?

Very old sash windows are not suitable for window double glazing, unfortunately. These windows use very thin glass, around 2mm to 4mm thick; this means that the glazing bars are quite thin as well, and so cannot adequately support modern double-glazing panes.

In comparison, modern double-glazed windows have two panes of glass with an air gap between them.

Can you just replace the window sash?

You can buy a new window from your local home centre and remove the sash to replace your old one; this may cost you less money than purchasing a sash replacement kit.

However, this can only be done if your existing window exactly matches the new-construction window you will buy.

When deciding what to do, keep in mind that sash window renovation can also be a very affordable choice.

Are old sash windows worth anything?

Old wooden sash windows have a certain antique charm to them, and depending on your tastes, it’s worth contacting our sash window restoration London service about them whenever possible.

Wooden window refurbishment or rebuilding can always be explored as a way to preserve their original look and value.

Can windows be repaired instead of replaced?

A professional can effectively repair a single-pane window for an inexpensive cost. You can also have the sash replaced if you have a cracked multi-paned window.

However, if you’ve been experiencing regular problems with your window, it might be a better idea to replace the whole window entirely.

How do you measure a replacement window sash?

Starting from the inside of the head jamb, measure the inside height of the sash’s opening down to where the bottom sash meets the sill behind the stool.

Make sure to measure the left, right, and centre, three important locations. Take the smallest of these measurements and round down to the nearest 1/8 inch.

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Sash Window Repair
Common Problems That Warrant Getting Sash Window Repairs London

Here are some common things that warrant you getting sash windows London repairs:

  • Paint – When misapplied, paint can cause your window sashes to stick together or to the joinery that surrounds them, causing problems.
  • Draughts – Draughts around sash windows generally help to ventilate a building, which will benefit the health of both the structure and the people inside. However, if your window is in poor condition, it can be further damaged by excessive draught and weathering.
  • Damp – Dampness can cause the wooden parts of your window to rot. This decay is common for parts behind the shutters or in the window case.

To detect timber decay, you can scratch at the wood with a penknife. If the wood does not resist the blade, it is decaying. If you notice a musty smell inside the window’s weight box, this may also indicate rot.

If your windows are showing signs of damp, we recommend booking our timber window restoration services as soon as possible before the rot gets out of hand.

  • Stiffness – The moving parts of your sash windows should always run smoothly. Always be aware of any resistance or stiffness, or counterbalancing weights losing control of the sashes.

Whatever the problem may be, our highly-skilled experts are fully equipped to ensure the best sash window and door repairs possible.

How To Boost The Energy Efficiency Of Your Sash Windows

There are many things you can do to make your sash windows more energy efficient. You can even apply these things to other window types such as metal or timber casement windows.

  • Shutters

Traditionally, sash windows were made with matching internal shutters to help homes retain heat in the cold of the night.

If your sash window still has these shutters, having them restored is a great way to help your windows keep the heat inside your home. Not only that, but these shutters also look quite attractive, and can boost the aesthetics of your interiors.

  • Draught-proofing

Wooden frames can warp over time, which can lead to draughts in the room. Windows draught-proofing strips can be added to your windows, which can greatly reduce the amount of heat your interiors lose due to draughts.

Using heavy curtains or roller blinds with a close fit can also help your home retain up to 30% more heat.

  • Secondary glazing

With secondary glazing, another glass sheet will be added to your window, creating an air gap in between. This secondary glazing can cut the heat lost from your home by about 60%. This method also lets you retain the original glass of your windows with only minor alteration.

Should you notice that your window is not operating normally or is visibly damaged, please reach out to see how we can help with your concerns.

We provide high-quality window repairs, window casement restoration, and many more services, all guaranteed to improve your home.